Welcome to my site! It’s taken some time for me to get here and decide that creating this online space is something I, as a working mom with two young children, want to spend my limited free time doing. I’m glad I did!

My focus is on sharing the home projects and systems I use to attempt to make our home and work lives fit together and run smoothly.

Thanks for stopping by!

Recent Posts

  • Friday Fav: Sort Clothes by Outfit
    Fridays are laundry days in the Spinapolice household. I always wash and change the sheets and towels and get at least wash the kid’s clothes. With the kids home with us 24/7 now, they get involved in helping strip the beds, move loads, fold, and put away clothes. It’s been great (even though they slow […]
  • Mid-Year Goals Review
    Earlier in the year, I posted my 2020 goals. Whelp, I had no true idea how badly the crap would hit the fan this year, so I’m going to need to modify these a bit. Ha! Take a family trip to Florida – I just don’t see how a trip to Florida will happen this […]
  • Our Garage “Mudroom” Redo
    The one thing I wish our home had but doesn’t is a mudroom. You enter the house from the garage right into the kitchen, and book bags and jackets are thrown on the floor in a heap. We had added some organization by building our command center in the kitchen and utilizing the front entry […]
  • Moving Forward with Uncertainty
    I haven’t been writing much since schools closed their doors in March. At first I was blaming it on a lack of time, as my schedule blew up and had to completely change. But now, the family and I are in a routine and, truth be told, I just didn’t include writing for fun time. […]
  • How Do You Move from Thinking Operationally to Strategically?
    A colleague recently asked me this question, and I’ve been reflecting on my answer. It’s a good one that I’ve never asked someone else before nor thought about conscientiously. I feel like my comfort zone, especially in this shelter-in-place time with no childcare while working from home, is to just focus on daily operations. Make […]

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