Welcome to my site! It’s taken some time for me to get here and decide that creating this online space is something I, as a working mom with two young children, want to spend my limited free time doing. I’m glad I did!

At this site, I want others to feel there’s somewhere they can go to find and share ideas for planning and organizing their work and home lives. Additionally, I plan to expand my posts to more than just revealing tricks, tips, and projects I’ve tackled. I’m going to share how you can tackle them too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Recent Posts

  • How Do You Move from Thinking Operationally to Strategically?
    A colleague recently asked me this question, and I’ve been reflecting on my answer. It’s a good one that I’ve never asked someone else before nor thought about conscientiously. I feel like my comfort zone, especially in this shelter-in-place time with no childcare while working from home, is to just focus on daily operations. Make […]
  • Friday Fav: Stringing My Kids Along
    We have exhausted all options for exploring our neighborhood recently in an attempt to get outside and get some fresh air during our shelter-in-place order here. The plus side is that the kids have gotten a lot of time to ride bikes. Mr. 7 year old joined the ranks of children who learned to ride […]
  • An Update on Rewarding Kids with Marbles
    Back in February, my husband and I introduced the kids to a new way to reinforce good behavior. In short, it works like this. Good behavior is rewarded with a marble, which is equivalent to five minutes of screen time. Poor choices cost the kids marbles. It’s really worked out so far! We were struggling […]
  • Friday Favs: Netflix’s Middleditch and Schwartz
    I haven’t been writing for the blog much lately with the pandemic’s shelter-in-place order in effect, mainly because it’s hard to find the time (or more so the energy) to write when I’m dual-hatting my career and homeschooling two little kids. I’m literally on the run from 6am when my alarm goes off so I […]
  • March 2020 Book Recs
    Oh my goodness, it feels like everyone under the sun is catching up on their reading during this pandemic. I always have a long holds list with my library so books stagger in about once a week for me to read. I thoughtfully add books to my holds list but forget what they’re about by […]

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