Welcome to my site! It’s taken some time for me to get here and decide that creating this online space is something I, as a working mom with two young children, want to spend my limited free time doing. I’m glad I did!

At this site, I want others to feel there’s somewhere they can go to find and share ideas for planning and organizing their work and home lives. Additionally, I plan to expand my posts to more than just revealing tricks, tips, and projects I’ve tackled. I’m going to share how you can tackle them too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Recent Posts

  • The New Normal: Our Coronavirus Isolation Schedule With Young Kids and Working From Home
    I’m always interested in the details of others’ daily routines because there’s always something new I can tweak in my schedule by learning from others. Assuming others might be like me or just be curious, here’s our newest normal. My husband and I are both authorized and encouraged to work from home for at least […]
  • Friday Fav: Nights Off
    Earlier this week I shared on social media the sad new reality of our family’s monthly calendar update for April — blank and boring while sheltering in place to combat this coronavirus. Since about the only “event” left on the calendar are mom and dad’s nights off, it sparked some interest. Let me share these […]
  • Friday Fav: Egg Hunts
    It’s really Friday? All of my days are blending together, one a repeat of the other as we continue this social distancing effort. Our kids are officially not returning to the classroom for the rest of the academic year, which takes us to mid-June. That’s three months of a new normal of attempting to balance […]
  • Tips for Low-Stress Homeschooling from an Instructional Designer
    I’ve built a career creating face-to-face and online learning for adults. Now I find myself like many others spontaneously needing to homeschool my kids. We are in a slightly unique situation that our public school teachers haven’t reached out to us with specific lesson plans yet for the first grader, so we’re largely left to […]
  • COVID-19’s Impact at Home
    I had so many other posts planned for this blog, and then COVID-19 happened. My other thoughts on my favorite purchases from Costco (not toilet paper!) and ways I aim to maintain my sanity with busy schedules just don’t matter anymore or aren’t important. In the course of a week, where we live, we’ve had […]

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