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A Little Introduction

I’ve always been a planner. I was that kid in high school starting a two-week project the first night it was assigned so I wouldn’t get behind. I planned a solo weekend trip to London when I was studying aboard in Ireland just because I wanted to go. I plan projects daily at work, making sure tasks get done well, on time, and within budget.

I plan beyond the big stuff. I’m thinking about doctor’s appointments, summer camp schedules, meal plans, to-do lists, errands to run, gifts to buy, etc., etc., forever. It is often exhausting, but I realize that most of the time I like it.

I’ve humorously suggested to my husband that I’m the Director of Home Operations while he’s the Director of Special Projects. Anything that breaks or needs irregularly maintenance in the house or with the cars is all my husband’s domain — thank goodness! I focus on keeping home operations running smoothly.

I recognize that this division of responsibility isn’t an option for everyone or the best way to do it, but it works well for us. I’ve come with techniques that have worked well for me in this role of Director of Home Operations. I’ll be sharing them on this blog as it continues on topics like bedtime routines, the morning rush to school, summer camp planning, and coordinating after school activities.

The other half of this coin is work-related planning and organization. Work includes topics like planning performance goals and managing work priorities. I look forward to talking about all of these topics.

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