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Friday Fav: Store-Bought Valentines

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Tis the season for the kids to pick out and give away valentines to their classmates. Every year I’m impressed by the creativeness of the valentines some kids give out. There’s always some non-food gift in original, homemade packaging and a clever little note, like giving away bouncing balls and saying, “You are a BALL to hang out with.”

But, my Friday Fav is the antithesis of these cute valentines. I’m all in on the bulk, store-bought valentines with TV and movie characters with stickers or tattoos as giveaways. They are easy! And, bonus, my kids love them!

I’m don’t begrudge anyone who takes the time to make homemade valentines. You do you and all that. I’m just not that person who wants to spend my time being crafty in this way, and I have no guilt in “outsourcing” the creation of valentines and buying the store-bought ones.

Photo Credit: Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

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