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Friday Fav: Toothbrushing Songs

My kids are currently obsessed with these two-minute toothbrushing songs you can find on YouTube. They have ridiculous songs and animations showing you how to brush your teeth, along with a countdown timer to encourage little ones to brush for a full two minutes.

I love that the kids get excited to brush their teeth with these songs and will follow along with the video to get every section of their mouths. Mind you, I’m dealing with one of my kids who, as a toddler, I basically had to tackle to the ground to brush his teeth. Toothbrushing used to be a nightmare.

Apparently I’m in the wrong line of business though! I could have been rolling in the dough with videos like this that kids are encouraged to watch two times a day. Some of these videos have over 100 million views!

Here are some of the kids favorites:

Here’s to peaceful toothbrushing!

Photo Credit: Photo by Alex on Unsplash

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