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Moving Forward with Uncertainty

I haven’t been writing much since schools closed their doors in March. At first I was blaming it on a lack of time, as my schedule blew up and had to completely change. But now, the family and I are in a routine and, truth be told, I just didn’t include writing for fun time. I’ve had time to read a fair number of books and complete a few home projects, so there’s time to write.

I’m afraid I don’t know what to write. Everyone seems so polarized these days that I haven’t been willing to wade into the murky waters of political topics for fear of the riptides. Then I decided that I don’t have to enter the water at all. This blog is mine and I can write about what I want, and that doesn’t negate my strong opinions related to the news of the day.

So then I start to think about what to write, which often seems so privileged in this time where others are dealing with sick family members, lack of childcare and jobs that don’t allow you to work from home, job losses, etc. I’ve decided I’ll acknowledge that privilege here and then outside of this online space, take action to give back to others.

Overall, our family is very lucky. My husband is working from home at least through the summer. I’ve always worked from home and will continue to do so. Neither one of us is likely to lose our jobs because of the economy and everyone is healthy. The kids are home 24/7, but they have adjusted to it amazingly well and in some ways have thrived with the one-on-one academic support. Our kids have never been closer with each other. There is food in the refrigerator and money in the bank.

In the grand scheme of things, my concerns and gripes are minor. I’m sad school didn’t end the way we envisioned, summer vacations are cancelled, and school next year is going to continue to be virtual, at least partially. I’m coming to terms with the notion that it’s okay to be disappointed about a change in plans and with the uncertainty of when “normalcy” will return. I will do my best to see the positives though.

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