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Friday Fav: Sort Clothes by Outfit

Fridays are laundry days in the Spinapolice household. I always wash and change the sheets and towels and get at least wash the kid’s clothes. With the kids home with us 24/7 now, they get involved in helping strip the beds, move loads, fold, and put away clothes. It’s been great (even though they slow me down)! The return on my investment of time will pay off. (I’m hoping!)

My Friday fav this week is a laundry hack I’ve been doing for years. Instead of folding and sorting laundry by article of clothing (e.g., all of the pants together, shirts together, etc.), I roll outfits together as if I’m packing a suitcase. I put the shirt facedown, fold in the sleeves of the shirt, and then place vertically folded up pants on top before rolling them all together. This method leaves the front of the shirt visible for the kids to see and easily select an outfit.

I’ve been burned too many times over the years where my husband has dressed babies in….interesting…color combinations, so this was my solution. I haven’t seen a need to change it as the kids have gotten older.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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