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Friday Fav: Solo Kid Time

One thing I’ve missed from “The Good Times” before COVID was having a bit of time every week solo with the kids. Mr. 4 year old would start school before Mr. 7 year old, so I’d have about an hour with Mr. 7 year old in the AM and 30 minutes or so with Mr. 4 year old many days. It was a nice time to connect with them individually. Well, that time has now disappeared.

To compensate, I’ve been taking walks in the evenings with one of the kids. We determine which child joins me based on whether it’s an odd or even day.

It’s worked out really well so far. I’ve gotten to ask the kids questions and hear how they’re feeling. I ask them questions about being home so much and how they are feeling about their brother, and then I listen to a lot of information about video games. I’ve enjoyed this time together and am happy to learn that the children have adjusted so well to this new normal.

Bonus! My husband gets one-on-one time with the kid that is left at home. Mr. 4 year old helped his daddy organize the garage, which doesn’t sound like a blast, but categorizing objects and cleaning up is one of Mr. 4 year old’s favorite activities. May that forever be the case.

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