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Our Guest Room Makeover Reveal

I did it! Our guest room makeover has been 99% done for ages, but I finally got my act together this weekend and finished. (No, Mom, I wasn’t galavanting around town during a pandemic to procure everything noted in this post.)

Here is a before picture from when we moved in. It was a blank canvas. The previous owners said they had used the room as either an office or exercise area, but we wanted to make it a bedroom to give guests access to the private bath next door.

When we first moved in, we immediately changed out the pink carpet for a gray and changed out the brass doorknobs for brushed nickel. A couple of years ago we had all of the windows in the house replaced. Then, my husband replaced the contractor-grade light fixture and upgraded all of the electrical outlets. When we had the rest of the basement repainted, this room’s walls changed from a muddy beige to a light blue. Finally, it was my turn to decorate! Here’s the reveal.

We had the furniture already, so that was an easy addition. Here’s a rundown of where I found everything else.

  • Paisley Bedspread – Amazon
  • White throw blanket – Amazon
  • Relax pillow, lamps, and pictures – Kirkland’s (We actually had the pair of flower canvases from when we staged our townhouse for its sale. My husband was the genius who thought to put them here. Love! Of course, I bought all of this stuff so long ago that they don’t appear for sale online anymore.)
  • Pineapple – Amazon
  • Books – Our bookshelves 🙂
  • White rope baskets – At Home (Something similar to this)
  • Curtains – Target
  • Mirror – Walmart
  • Over-the-door hooks – Walmart
  • Alarm clock with USB charging ports – Costco (Something similar to this)
  • Wireless chargers – Amazon

I’m particularly fond how the far wall came out. You can see what we’re hiding with art and curtains. I saw the suggestion on HGTV years ago to use full-length curtains for small windows to make the room feel more balanced and taller. I love it here! Of course, it looks strange when you open the curtains, but that’s not often necessary in this room used mostly just to sleep in.

I particularly like the use of the art to hide the electrical panel. First, I like it’s message, especially since our parents use this room most often and are also responsible for this house full of people I love. Second, it is hung with command strips for easy removal whenever without worrying about punching nails in the wall near electrical lines. And last, the art alone wasn’t quite tall enough to cover the electrical panel, so I had to DIY extra pieces. Ages ago I picked up supplies from Michael’s to add the greenery and hand make a bow to finish the look.

The opposite wall has my photo collage – my final project to complete the room. I found these inexpensive 8×10 frames at Bed Bath and Beyond for $10-$15 for four frames months ago. Recently, one beautiful Spring day, Mr. 7 year old and I shot some photos outside our home. (My husband loves that I snuck in a photo of his car in the reflection of the bottom left corner image.) Costco printed these images for $2 per print. We finished it off with some art from each kid, and with a little math and measuring, TA DA!

This couch is from Ikea, and we were once looking to get rid of it thinking we didn’t have a place for it anymore. My strong desire not to carry is up the stairs landed it in the guest room where it fits nicely. It’s largely used for storing guest luggage. There is an empty wooden dresser beside the couch with a TV and jewelry holder.

There’s another plastic dresser hidden in the closet beside the bed that holds extra sheets, spare toiletries, and items our folks leave here between visits. Along with the extra dresser, the closet stores extra blankets, a laundry basket (that the kids have stolen for this picture so they can hide in it), and hangers.

And that’s it! Now I just need everyone to get and stay well so that we can have visitors again.

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