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Friday Fav: Package Delivery Services!

I, like billions of others this time of year, am relying on online shopping to prepare for the holidays this year. On top of normal deliveries of dog food, takeout food service, and whatever my husband needs for his latest project or hobby, we are receiving holiday-related packages on the regular.

As a token of our appreciation, we set out a bowl of goodies with a note of thanks and a request that they take water and snacks. Not everyone partakes, but when we’ve been outside playing with the kids during some deliveries, drivers have been so tickled by the offer.

And, as obvious as it seems, we learned the hard way not to include fresh fruit in the bowl. Ha! I thought I was being kind to offer something that was healthy and unprocessed, but apparently it was too tempting to the squirrels. We were eating lunch one afternoon, and we saw a squirrel scurry up a tree with a huge orange in its mouth. Too funny!

Happy Friday!

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