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Hanging In There

I’ve been in such a funk lately and low on energy to write or do much of anything outside of activities needed to sustain life.

Work has been extra busy, although that’s not highly unusual. There are often busy seasons. Work has certainly demanded more of my brain space lately though.

Home life is still in a perpetual Groundhog’s day with each week a repeat of the last. My husband is eligible for the vaccine, but I can’t get him an appointment anywhere within a two-hour radius of us, which just makes me feel like we’ll be stuck in this Groundhog’s day situation for even longer.

In a couple of weeks the kids will be finally returning to school two days a week (supposedly – I won’t believe it until I see the school bus pull away). It will be almost exactly a year since they were last in a school building. Though, on the learning front I can’t really complain. They both have AMAZING teachers this year and have been learning a ton, even in front of a screen for hours a day. (I guess all the mom shaming about screens being horrible for you wasn’t so true after all. Ha!)

I’m torn on the whole going back to school business. I know it will benefit them, and I relish the idea of hours of quiet and focus in my house so I can actually get all of my work done during daylight hours. However, I know I will greatly miss them. I’ll miss the hugs in the middle of the day and the togetherness during lunch. I won’t miss the jumping around during gym class and wiggle breaks, the children yelling at that the other is too loud, or the interruptions every 15 minutes to see the funny hat another student is wearing or some other irrelevant revelation.

I’ve been focusing on decompressing this weekend, keeping the to-do list light and choosing to relax instead. For a bonus, I took today off since it’s a U.S. holiday and the kids don’t have school. We will attempt some fun activity with the boys today.

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