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TV Favorites This Winter

I don’t normally watch too much TV, instead deciding to crack open a book. With the shorter days and colder weather, I’ve been watching more of it though. Here are my recent favorites from this winter.

Bridgerton (Netflix) – This is a Shonda Rhimes production and a costume drama set in London in 1813. It follows the lives of eight children in the Bridgerton family. This is no Jane Austin novel. Sure, there are balls and promenades plus social rules and courtships, but there is a lot more romance and sex than is permissible on U.S. network television. Highly recommend!

Ted Lasso (Apple TV+) – I got this recommendation from a new-to-me podcast call Movie Therapy with Rafer and Kristen. Ted Lasso was recommended it for those who loved Schitt’s Creek. Ted Lasso is about a man (Jason Sudeikis) who was a U.S. football coach who moves to the UK to coach a soccer team. He is not well received by pretty much everyone, yet he maintains a positive attitude. You see how his coaching style and personality impact him and others throughout the season. There’s only a Season 1 right now, but it’s already been renewed through at least Season 3. Great show!

Antiques Roadshow (Pluto TV) – The show is about people in the UK who bring their antiques to the show to be appraised. I love the look of shock of people’s faces when they realize their grandmother’s knick knack could fetch a significant amount of money at auction. This show is great background noise if I want something on that the kids can overhear while they are running around. I can watch it while folding laundry or cooking. These certainly aren’t new episodes, but that’s the best part because it doesn’t matter! I can jump into an episode at any time.

(Side note: Pluto TV is channel we added to our Roku. There are likely other ways to access it too. However, it’s a free service where you can stream 100s of channels. They are often channels streaming a particular show or genre on repeat 24/7. Antiques Roadshow is one of the channels. They also have Star Trek, 90210, game shows, movies, etc. etc. seemingly forever.)

WandaVision (Disney+) – My husband and I just caught up on this new show (miniseries?) and streamed all available episodes just this weekend. It was a bit of a slow burn through the first couple of episodes, but I’m hooked now! It’s a continuation of Marvel’s Avengers storyline following End Game, so I don’t recommend it if you aren’t up-to-date on the Marvel movies.

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