About Me

Welcome! I’m Stephanie Spinapolice. I’m a Type A planner and a working mom with two young boys. I love my geeky husband, senior “puppy,” being near the water, and chocolate. 

At work, I support a variety of clients as a senior manager with a contracting firm. My teams and I design a range of educational products, including textbooks, exercise-based courses with role players, online games, graphic novels, and webinars.

I spend a lot of time at work writing about and editing other’s work on topics clients need. Admittedly, they are often interesting topics that make me a better dinner party guest with my random knowledge of close-combat fighting techniques, financial planning, and ways to support foster children. I just don’t get to choose the topics.

This site is a chance for me to write about what’s important to me: ways to use practical ideas, tips, and techniques that foster intentional living. I share what’s worked for me and others. My work side sometimes comes out, and I share tutorials on how you can add more practical planning to your life.

We get this one life to live and only so much time on this Earth to live it. I’m determined to make the best of it. So, please join me in reading about, sharing, and practicing practical planning. I’m glad you’re here.